3 Common Functions of a Car Alternator

3 Common Functions of a Car Alternator

Understanding the function of every part of your car will go a long way in helping you know how to troubleshoot it. You will also know how to communicate with your mechanic and tell them where you think the problem is.

The alternator is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Therefore, you should understand how a high output alternator works and the functions it performs. You should also know how to take good care of it should any problems develop.

The alternator needs to be in great condition for a car to function efficiently. This is the case because the alternator is essential to your vehicle’s power system. To enlighten you about this, here are the three common functions of an alternator.

1.   It Recharges the Battery

One of the functions of an alternator is recharging the battery. In fact, this is the main function of an alternator. Generally, a standard car battery doesn’t have the capacity or standard to run or start a car independently. This means it will need help from the alternator.

Without a properly functioning high output alternator, a new car battery could last only 20 to 30 minutes. This depends on the car type and whether or not you are using power-draining functions. Some things that can drain power from the battery include radio and headlights.

To prevent the battery from running out, the alternator recharges it while you drive the car. This ensures the battery remains usable for a longer time.

2.   It Powers Accessories

A high output alternator is also crucial in powering accessories. The alternator powers almost every part of your vehicle’s electrical system. Even though some electricity might be taken away from the battery, the alternator plays a key role in supplying power to most parts of your vehicle.

Some parts that get power from the alternator include ignition coils, fuel injection system components, engine cooling fans, power steering, radio, wipers, headlights, and power windows.

If you feel that the alternator isn’t working efficiently, you should talk to your mechanic and get it fixed right away. This is vital because high output alternators play a key role in the functioning of your car.

3.   Converting Mechanical Energy to Electrical Energy

Alternators are also useful in converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. Without them, your car will have serious operational problems.

Therefore, you should always take good care of your alternator. However, if you hear it producing unusual sounds, have a mechanic check it out and fix the problem.

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