Ten tips for renting a car

Ten tips for renting a car

In the summer time there are many people who take advantage to travel abroad or to destinations where there is no possibility of taking your own car. In these cases the possibility of renting a car to move temporarily in that location arises. That’s why http://www.stretchonelimo.com/ give you ten tips to keep in mind if you want to get the right amount for this type of rental.

Do not book the car at the last minute

This advice is especially useful if your trip is to an island, because the fleets of car rental companies are not enough for all tourists who arrive in high season. In addition, the cars that are sold out first are the cheapest and you can find that you have to choose a much more expensive top model or a van.

Renting a car for three days costs as if you rent for two

Rental companies always charge a minimum to prepare the car, assist you and other arrangements. So if you rent a car one day, two or three, they usually charge more or less the same. Check it before then maybe you can enjoy the vehicle more for practically the same reason.

Cancel reservations with less than 24 hours in advance … for free!

Sometimes the reservation policies indicate that you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance without cancellation charge. For cancellations after 24 hours, the total rental amount will be charged. And for prepaid reservations, there are no refunds if the reservation is canceled. But sometimes it has a solution if you have booked online: almost all these companies have access to customers on their website: so you only have to enter and modify the reservation. You modify it for a couple of days later, beyond the 24 hour limit. Then you can cancel it, and for free.

Where to find the cheapest price?

There is no fixed rule. Sometimes you call by phone to book with the company and they give you the best price. Sometimes in a website that you find there end up giving you a better price than the rental company itself. Other times in the airport office after queuing. The best thing is that you compare prices before.

The gas tank. Full?

The normal thing is to rent a car with a full tank of gasoline, and return it full of gasoline too. But there are companies that give it full when you pick it up. The amazing thing is that after you are forced to return the car with the empty fuel tank. Logically, they have charged the entire deposit … but if you have gas, do not return the money (it would be difficult to calculate it and also earn those liters that are left).


Prepare beforehand all the documents you will be asked for. And get ready also to queue … especially if you match a tourist flight. Also, although you make your reservation in advance, sometimes you have another 20 minutes filling in the same data. A trick that makes things easier: try to get the driver’s license to match the name of the person you booked.

Credit card

If it is debit you will be blocked by an amount between 500 and 700 € of your card … And if you do not have enough balance, there is no car. They do this because you have an accident, in case you steal the car or if you get fines. They will charge you with a charge to your credit card. Blocking that amount on the debit card has to do with the insurance franchise of the car.

What does the car insurance cover

All rental cars have a comprehensive insurance policy. But that insurance generally has a franchise, which is usually between € 500 and € 1,200, depending on the company and according to the car. If you have an accident you, the driver of the vehicle, you are required to pay the maximum franchise. To know what the car insurance covers, you will have to read it. So ask them to give it to you in your language … and always take it with you in case there is a problem.

Additional features

They will offer you bigger cars for just a little more with a GPS, or insurance with more complete coverage. Look at everything before if your “offers” compensate you or not.

Pick up the car

Some car rental companies have offices at the airport and a parking lot near the exit. Others do not and an employee will wait for you on your flight arrival and will escort you to a place in the parking lot, where you will be given the car and complete the paperwork there. Check the car and note the problems you see: bumps, bumps, things that do not work … If not, you can end up paying them.

With returning the car sometimes does not finish everything

When you return the keys, the trip does not end: during the next few weeks there may be surcharges on the card for fines, damage to the vehicle you are assigned … In these cases, the only thing that can save you is to call the customer service.

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