6 Most Exciting Cities On The F1 Calendar

6 Most Exciting Cities On The F1 Calendar


Formula One (F1) remains the highest level of open-wheel auto racing. Its season consists of major auto racing events races known as Grands Prix. These racing events are held, on specially built purpose circuits and sometimes within closed city streets. The World Championship titles are given to winners of these races, one to the driver (World Drivers’ Championship) and another to the Constructor (World Constructors’ Championship.

These races are hosted on circuits, located in various cities across the world. Since the start of the Formula One World Championship in 1950, 71 race tracks in different parts of the world have each hosted a Grand Prix race. While Silverstone the venue for the first F1 Grand Prix has continuously hosted the F1 Grand Prix championship, many of the old tracks have been removed from the F1 Grand Prix Calendar and replaced by new ones. The F1 race has spread across the world with countries in Eastern Europe and Asia having their fixtures.

The 2019 F1 season started with the Australian Grand Prix held in March and would continue until December when it would end with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. There are 21 grand Prix races scheduled to be held this year on four continents. To help you in your tour as a spectator of the Formula One World Championship motorsport events, we have prepared a list of the six most exciting cities on the F1 calendar. These cities include;


The island city-state of Singapore has to be included in our list of exciting cities on the Formula One calendar a global financial centre with a tropical climate and multicultural population, Singapore is a must stop on your journey across cities on the F1 calendar.

The Singapore Grand Prix takes place on the Marina Bay Street circuit, this circuit was the first F1 night race and Asia’s first street circuit for motorsport racing. Its tight turns make watching the Singapore Grand Prix more interesting as you know there might be a safety car appearing soon.

Since its addition in 2008, Singapore has been known as the city that provides the best entertainment in its F1 motorsport events. Not surprisingly, these years acts include Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fatboy Slim, Muse and Cardi B. what better way to watch your favourite driver compete for the cup but with music and mind-blowing performances.


The biggest city in China and a global financial hub, you definitely cannot expect less from the industrial town of Shanghai. The Chinese Grand Prix held in Shanghai at the Shanghai International Circuit is the cheapest F1 race to attend in terms of the ticket price. Grandstand tickets for all three days start from £65, and by booking a seat in the upper section, you are guaranteed that you would be able to see at least 60% of the race.

The Shanghai International Circuit was designed by Hermann Tike to resemble the Chinese symbol for “Shanghai” which means upwards. The Shanghai International Circuit was at its completion in 2004 the most expensive F1 circuit facility worth over the US $6billion. Its track is 5.451km long and has one of the trickiest combinations on the F1 calendar.

On your stop at Shanghai, hop onto the Shanghai Metro Line11, enjoy the Pudong nightlife and also visit the Shanghai Auto Museum which houses an enormous collection of rare vehicles.


The Hungarian capital of Budapest hosts the Hungarian Grand Prix. The hilly slopes of the Hungarian circuit make the track into a natural amphitheatre guaranteeing views from most angels. With a large amount of local and traditional cuisine and beer, Budapest is a must visit the city on the F1 calendar. With the free bus service, you can move around the city while spending little and also enjoy discounted access to many of the City’s tourist attractions.

Make sure to add a leisurely stroll on the 19th-century chain bridge which connects the hilly Buda district to the flat Pest. Good food, nature and tourism, Budapest is guaranteed to tick a lot of activities off your bucket list, especially if hiking is your thing.


Why Silverstone, you ask? Why not Silverstone? Is our response. While unlike other F1 cities Silverstone does not provide easy access to a significant city where you can enjoy the nightlife and tourism, the action-packed British Grand Prix is bound to keep you glued to your seat.

The twist and turns of the Circuit guarantee excitement and the sometimes-frequent appearance of the safety car make it even more thrilling. For a more first-hand experience, hire an F1 vision headset which streams footage from the diver’s onboard cameras and provides you with information on any and everything.


If you are looking for drama, then you should look no further as the Texas state capital of Austin has just the excitement you need especially if you are looking forward to seeing new drivers on the podium. Known for  its eclectic live blues music which is centred around country, blues and rock. Hence, you are guaranteed that there definitely would be music entertainment while your race car drivers compete for the cup in Austin.

Austin also has a lot of other things you could add to your itinerary, including hiking, biking, swimming and boating.


Our list is no doubt incomplete without mentioning Melbourne. Host to the 2019 first Grand Prix of the F1 season in March, there were over 300,000 F1 fans in attendance at the Australian Grand Prix. With four music stages, a Kids’ Corner and a calendar of events that included a Q&A session with drivers and team principles, Melbourne started the F1 season 2019 Grand Prix with a bang.

Its spectacular circuit with its recreational space, walking trails and picnic area, made it family friendly with every member of the family having something to do.

While you are attending the F1 Grand Prix for the motorsport’s events, you can still have the time of your life in these cities. To help you fully enjoy your F1 viewing experience, we have selected the top 6 states from the calendar, which we believe will add even more fun to your trip.

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