Automobile Inspection and Maintenance


When an automobile, is in perfect working condition, it means the maintenance is up-to-date. Different parts work together to ensure that the automobile’s performance is at the top. However, not every day you will find parts working correctly, and as such, it is important to ensure maintenance is done every time. You need to fix that malfunctioning brakes, the headlights, and all parts that are necessary to ensure the smooth working condition of your automobile.

Most importantly, regular inspection allows you to know which parts to adjust or change altogether. Sometimes your car might experience delayed gear engagement. As such, gears inspection become crucial to ensure the automatic transmission of fluid is reversed back to normal. If you notice that the gear changes take a few seconds before it picks up, it signals you that you are yet to take considerable time to check on the transmission of fluid.

How to Inspect Your Gearbox 

A very intensive gearbox inspection is crucial and should be done by a qualified professional. The idea is to ensure that it is working perfectly and if not, irrespective of the cost, it has to be worked on. You can start by taking notes of your observations. Most gearboxes operate in dirty conditions, and some of them are inbuilt, internally generated and added during repairs. Nothing should be dropped in the gearbox. Shirt pockets should be empty to avoid things falling into the gearbox. Every port should be closed and secure during a break and after the inspection is over.

Changing Air Filter and Cabin Air Filter 

Air filters prevent dust, pollen and other particles from entering into the fuel system of your car because they can cause different problems. If your air filter is clogged, the vehicle results in poor fuel economy as well as poor performance. In most cases, air filters can be changed after a maximum of 150000 miles. The cabin air filter, on the other hand, prevents dust, odors, and allergens from entering the A/C system, thereby protecting it from debris or any other destructive object. This filter has to be changed regularly depending on the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Maintaining and Replacing Your Vehicle’s Headlights 

When you are behind the wheel, your decisions are based on what you can see in front of you. As such, your vehicle must have effective headlights especially during adverse weather and at night. Checking your headlights regularly makes you sure that they are in good working condition. It also enables you to change the bulbs if they are not working effectively. Dust and other debris can accumulate on the surface of your headlights making it lessen the quality of the light it is supposed to emit. As such, you should cover the area around the headlight so avoid scratching off the paint. Then, use car soap to clean the surface, and this will tell you if you need repairs or replacements.  If you are replacing the headlights, remove the defective bulb, clean the retainer, and insert the new bulb.

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