Because of the importance that wheel weight has on vehicle performance, ride and feel, many vehicles have replaced less-expensive rolled, stamped, and welded steel wheels with cast aluminum alloy wheels.

Lightweight wheels have been used in all forms of auto racing since the invention of magnesium alloy, which was developed to reduce wheel weight for mid-century race cars. Most magnesium alloy wheels today are too fragile to be used on the streets and have limited finish options. They can only be painted or polished, but it is recommended that you polish them regularly to prevent oxidation.

This weekend’s Formula 1 race was held in Austin, Texas. Magnesium alloy wheels were used because of their strength and durability. They also reduce weight and can withstand shifting loads. The wheel manufacturers also created lightweight aluminum alloy wheels which offer street durability, numerous finishes options, and keep weight down.

Because it uses less energy to control the weight, a lighter vehicle can perform better. Unsprung weight refers to the weight below the springs that moves in the corners and up as the vehicle rides. Unsprung weight can be reduced to make shock absorbers and springs more effective. A vehicle’s rotational mass includes all moving parts within its driveline, from the crankshaft to the wheels and tires. This determines how much energy is required to move the vehicle along its path and make it turn. Because of the reduced energy required to change speed, it will help the vehicle perform better.

Remember that a vehicle’s weight (including its wheels) affects its ability accelerate, brake, and corner. Choose your wheels carefully and your wheel repair and color specialists even more carefully. Tennessee Tire is an expert in wheel care and wheel color.

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