What’s The Difference Between Concave And Convex Custom Wheels?

What’s The Difference Between Concave And Convex Custom Wheels?

Concave custom wheels have become an extremely popular item today. The first concave tires designed and produced were released a decade ago. Convex custom wheels have also seen a surge in popularity and understanding the difference between these two types of wheels can help you to find the best product for your needs.

A concave wheel has lines that curve towards the inside of the wheel, whereas convex wheels have lines that curve to the outer edge of the wheel. Convex wheels have been popular with many muscle cars including Camaros, Mustangs GTOs and American racing classics. Convex designs are making their way to many of these models today, however.

Should You Choose Concave or Convex Wheels?

Introducing concave wheels can be an excellent way to change the offset of your wheels and allow for additional upgrades such as larger brake calipers. Concave wheels also give you the option for larger tires, adding to the look of your vehicle. There are many producers that are even creating sets of concave wheels for the back to use larger tires and convex wheels for the front to accommodate larger brakes and other performance upgrades.

Understanding the difference can help you get access to the right type of rims for your needs. Whether you like the classic look from muscle cars or you would like to enjoy a more modern look, we can help you find the best type of concave or convex custom wheels that can fit your vehicle and your lifestyle.

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This post was written by Justin K, owner of Wheel Identity. Wheel Identity is Tampa Bay’s premier custom shop. We carry wheel and tire packages for every vehicle, custom suspension kits, and all accessories for the interior or exterior of your vehicle. We only hire highly trained technicians using state of the art equipment with experience in all areas of tire, wheel, suspension, and 4×4 needs.

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