Top SUV Advantages That Will Blow Your Mind

Top SUV Advantages That Will Blow Your Mind

SUVs have come a long way ever since their initial release. They used to stand for a specific type of car that was always bulky and spacious, and, in all honesty, unsuitable for city life. Yet, more recent models are more appealing to all types of drivers. Here are the top advantages of owning an SUV.

1. The Design

The SUV (which stands for sport utility vehicle) is designed for long rides, countryside explorations and adventures. Due to its frame, the vehicles is sturdier and much more robust than other models of the sports category. Due to its height, it can cover ground that is inaccessible to other vehicles, and it can protect its drivers from bad weather, snow and even floods. Obviously, some models are better suited for driving in hilly or mountainous terrain than others, but customers have the freedom of choice when purchasing their ideal model. While other vehicles are not suitable for extensive outdoor driving, the SUV offers the leniency of design.

2. The Safety

With the increasing popularity of SUVs, safety has become an often discussed topic. Although SUVs are considerably bigger than other vehicle models, they have one big advantage: their safety. The size and weight of the SUV handles collisions differently than smaller models and can protect its passengers in the case of crashes. This is a matter of design ‒‒ because the SUV’s hood and frame is much bigger, the vehicles have bigger crush zones. On the other hand, the elevated position of the SUV gives drivers more control over the road. They have a clearer view of the surrounding area and can maneuver obstacles better. Rocks and wood on the road are also less likely to damage the underside of the vehicle when driving over them.

 3. The Space

SUVs were created for long journeys requiring planning and space. Their interior has adapted to the needs of the customer and offers more room to store and transport passengers and cargo. Depending on the actual size of the model, there will be more or less space, but all SUVs follow the same concept: the bigger, the better. This includes additional legroom and accessibility, especially in the back of the car. In times where accessibility is becoming a more frequent topic, SUVs change the lives of the people who need them. Several manufacturers also cater to pet owners and have designed specific pet models which have more room for pet carriers or cages.

4. The Fuel

Initially known as anything but economical cars, SUVs have come a long way and established themselves as environmental options for buyers ‒‒ if they are looking for the entire package of the SUV as a sports car. The drive for the crossover version of the SUV (the difference is the construction of the car: the crossover is mounted on the car platform and does not use a truck chassis) has led to a rediscovered love for the SUV design. It should not come as a surprise that manufacturers have adapted their models to suit the lifestyles of their different types of consumers. One of the new design implementations was scrapping the all-terrain capability, which is the most wasteful aspect of the traditional SUV, thereby creating a much more environmentally friendly vehicle.

5. The Outdoors

The biggest selling point of early SUVs was their usage in the outdoors. A new type of sports car that would be able to grant access to areas previously off-limits to drivers. Decades after the first SUV was built, the outdoors still have their appeal to consumers. The underside of the SUV offers more protection for its drivers and passengers, while the hood was designed to offer more visibility to its drivers. Depending on the model, specific controls can be added to the SUV (i.e. the hill descent control system), while most SUVs come with a 4-wheel drive. In many countries, a 4-wheel drive is an essential asset of life in colder months when the roads are starting to get slippery and icy. Additionally, SUVs are typically constructed with the capability of towing. Outdoor activities, such as fishing, camping and sailing, as well as horseback riding, profit incredibly from this feature.

6. A Family Car

SUVs are bigger, sturdier and more spacious. Hence, they are often branded as the ideal family vehicle. Their models can support different sizes of families, and have plenty of additional space for everyday needs, for example a trip to the supermarket, going on a family holiday and transporting additional items that would normally not fit into a smaller car. If you have ever tried to fit a person into the back of a convertible car, you will appreciate the extra space of an SUV.

This car offers everything and even more to its owner, so if you have already decided to purchase a new Chevrolet or Land Rover SUV, consider importing one as the new models might be difficult to find in your country. For more info, check out Novora, an Austrian car import website dedicated to all the tiny and complex details of vehicle importing.

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