Important Considerations while Shopping for Juice for that Electric Vehicle


Electric cars for consumers are more common now than they have ever been before. We’ve all seen the giant public charging stations on television. They are all over states such as California. What about charging one’s electric car from home, however? Well, the bad news is that there is no shortage, at all, of available home options flooding into the consumer marketplace. More bad news, they all require a substantial investment! The good news? No more gas! Let’s take a look at some important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for ev solutions for home owners.

How does it Plug in?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask, so we’ll ask it first! Please realize that many of these devices have to be wired into the home’s actual electric box. There is a new breed of smaller EV device that can be used with chord/plug adapters. These adapters will let the end user plug the device into either a utility plugin or even a 120v standard plug-in! These devices can be installed without having to break into the home’s electric box or internal wiring. This feature, alone, should make them attractive to a wide variety of end users

When Should I Charge my EV?

This is the question that goes overlooked oftentimes. “I have an electric car, I can power it up whenever is most convenient to me!” This is the thought process that many consumers (especially those that are new to the electric car game, have. It is imperative to remember that there is still such a thing as peak utility time slots…at least as far as your electric company is concerned there is!

The concept behind these peak slots is simple enough. Supply and demand, in it’s most abusive and common form, is laid into play! “More people are using it in the evening, so we’re going to charge more for it!” This is along the lines of what your electric company is thinking. You can save a few cents per kilowatt hour by charging during non-peak times in your area. Maybe this is the early morning, or even late at night? Come on! The car’s going to be sitting in the garage anyway…

Keep Size in Mind…Especially if you Travel

A lot of people that give advice on these EV chargers recommend keeping size in mind because of how difficult large, bulky, heavy devices are to install inside your garage. How about this thought process: Keep size and portability in mind because you might want to travel. Your family’s home, or that hotel, might not have a way to charge your car. A portable device with an adapter for standard wall plugs might be a very good friend to have in these cases!

Move Forward and Shop with Confidence

You’ve done the hard part, you bought the electric car. If you are going to be traveling, and charging away from home a lot, investing all of your budget on a really nice portable device that accepts adapters is certainly a good idea. Maybe you don’t travel, and you’re more attracted to something larger? There’s no shortage of options there either.

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