How To Safely Transport Your Motorcycle

How To Safely Transport Your Motorcycle

Moving from state to state and need a way to safely ship your motorcycle? Buying a new motorcycle and need it delivered to you in pristine condition? Or do you simply want to move your bike on a budget, without spending the time and effort of driving there yourself? Regardless of which case better applies to you – Dellcy’s got the answer!

Find out everything you’ve ever needed to know about motorcycle shipping companies, how to get the best deal, and when is it most worth it!

Preparing for transportation

Any good shipping process starts with a preparatory phase. Simply make sure to follow a brief list of instructions, and you’ll be ready in no time:

  • Leave about a quarter gas in the tank – this will help the auto shipping company get it onto and off the transportation vehicle.
  • Take a good look at your bike – make note of any dents, scratches, or mechanical issues. Take some photos if you can; even though nothing may happen to it during transportation, it’s best to be prepared for the 1% when it may. It’s also a promising idea to clean it out, as dust may cover up any markings.
  • Remove individual contents from it, and make sure the shipping company knows of any special considerations to consider when handling it.

Finding the right company

If you’re considering the price of gas, the time investment of driving it yourself, and possible scratches, and dents that you could pick up along the way, in addition to the mileage you add, it may be more economical to ship your vehicle, rather than drive it yourself. The cost to ship a motorcycle tends towards as little as $0.50 per mile, plus certain flat rates of the company.

Need to make sure you’re getting the right people handling your precious vehicle? Here’s what to pay extra attention to:

  • Type of shipping – while cars can often endure being shipped in open transportation, motorcycle owners typically prefer enclosed transport. The main difference lies in a slight bump up in price, with the benefit of shielding your bike from weather conditions, preserving the paint better, and so on.
  • Level of service – when considering the company you’re going for, make sure to look at the type of service it provides. Whether it’s door-to-door or location-based, may mean you’ll have to alter your plans.
  • Insurance and certification – make sure you spend a couple of minutes inspecting the legitimacy of the company and its legal status, before making a final decision. Also pay attention to special clauses in the insurance, as well as the specific wording of the quote and contract.
  • Reviews and user experiences – it could be tempting to search up “motorcycle transport near me,” pick the first option and stop for the day. Well, don’t be surprised when you hear that you could run into serious trouble down the line! From fictitious companies to stolen vehicles that are then later resold, there’s no telling what may happen. The best way to keep safe is through authentic testimony from earlier customers.


If you’ve followed all the earlier instructions, shipping the bike itself should be no problem. You should have an hour and a location in mind when you’ll hand off the motorcycle, as well as an estimate of when you can expect to have it. All you must do is be present during the hand-off, sign the paperwork and note down the phone number to call, in case you have questions during the shipping.

Making informed decisions is the best way to ship safely!

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