How to Choose A Good Auto Shipper


Auto transport is a subject broached by a specific set of individuals. Either you are moving, and it is cheaper to ship your car to your new residence, or you are a business that participates in the regular shipment of automobiles. Either way it is important to contract the right company to transport your autos. Good companies offer protection, reliability, and dependability. Bad companies will offer delays, damage, and overall headaches. To avoid using a bad service it is important to follow a few necessary steps.

Vet the Companies

A company that transports automobiles has a lot of information surrounding it. Countless consumers have used them and discovered exactly what it is like to do business with them. This means you can find either favorable reviews or dissatisfied complaints surrounding a given company. This can be done with a simple internet search, looking the company up on the BBB, or simply talking to any close to you that used one in the past. Firsthand information is always the best as it is the most reliable. The web is also a great place because of the overall wealth it can give you. Between actual review, forums, ratings, and the companies own references you will find out everything you need to know.


Insurance plays a key role in the use of safe direct car shipping. As someone else will be responsible for taking care of your vehicle, it is important to know what coverage they offer should accidents happen. Even reliable businesses may have a snafu or two occur. The thing to take away is not just a safety record, but what the company does in response to misfortune. A reliable auto transport company will have up to date insurance coverage. Coverage that will handle your auto’s repair needs in the event of an accident. Coverage that will offer you a payout in the event your car is damaged. Never sign up with a company before they show you their proof of insurance.

Get Quotes

Once you have settled on two or three companies get some quotes. This is always important as it give you a little wiggle room on price. Generally, the quotes you receive from respective services will be around the same neighborhood. They may be more expensive or cheaper but not by much. If there is a huge difference find out why. Never go with the lowest price simply because it’s the lowest. Find out why there is a difference. A service may charge more for a specific reason.

Get Everything in Writing

Do not give the company you are using any wiggle room at all. If and when you decide on a service to use get everything in writing. Even information you think may be insignificant. The smallest little detail left out of an agreement can put you in a world of hurt. Many consumers are negatively affected by the fine print. Additionally, write down everything about your car. If it catches even the slightest scratch, it is beneficial to have a record of that scratch not being there beforehand.

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