Entrust Your Heavy Vehicle To A Specialist

Entrust Your Heavy Vehicle To A Specialist

Trucks are heavy-duty vehicles that run long distances in various types of terrain. It’s also why these vehicles suffer a lot of wear and tear over time. You can maintain your heavy vehicle in good condition if you get it serviced regularly at a well-established and certified truck center.

You must attend all malfunctions without any delay. Neglecting these small problems can make them more challenging and costly to fix if they escalate. But it’s also crucial that you entrust your heavy vehicle only to a specialist. Always look for a company with a solid reputation and experience in the industry. Make sure they are professional, prompt, and can provide detailed heavy vehicle towing & maintenance services like:

1. Truck Towing Services

Sometimes, even well-maintained trucks can suffer a sudden breakdown and are seen parked on the roadside. At such times, you require emergency roadside assistance, and that’s something a trusted truck center can provide.

When the truck technicians arrive, they will first identify what the problem is and then decide whether the repairs can be done on-site. If not, they will tow the truck to the service center and carry out all the necessary repairs there.

2. Heavy-Duty Truck Maintenance

Regular truck maintenance covers things like:

  • Radiator
  • Engine
  • Cooling system
  • Lubrication
  • Brakes
  • Clutch
  • Differential
  • Oil & fluid change

If you are a truck fleet owner, you must make sure that all the vehicles in your fleet are in the best condition at all times. Your vehicles will operate efficiently when you make sure that the engine and all the other components work well. Regular and appropriate maintenance helps to minimize the amount of wear and tear, which reduces the chances of sudden breakdowns and unrequired repairs.

A skilled and certified service company will use high-grade fluids, oils, as well as genuine spares. They will follow the right truck maintenance techniques in the works so that your vehicle performs well and does not have sudden breakdowns.

3. Electronic Diagnostics

Modern heavy haul vehicles have complex electronic systems that are interconnected and are required to function well if the vehicle has to work reliably. The interdependence of these systems has one major disadvantage. Any fault in one part can bring a truck to a halt as it can cause a malfunction in other parts too. A professional, certified truck center will have state-of-the-art, modern electronic diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue quickly.

The will suggest the right solutions so that the problem is fixed within the shortest time. The truck repair center will also have all the required genuine spare parts or will source them so that the repairs can be completed quickly and reliably. The skilled and certified technicians will make sure that the repairs are completed to industry standards so that your vehicle is roadworthy again.

4. Heavy Truck Tire Replacements

The tires on heavy haul trucks are affected by wear and tear due to the constant friction with the road’s surface. This means they start to deteriorate over time and will need replacement sooner than later. A certified truck center would be able to repair and retread or replace tires as needed. They carry tires of various brands so that you can get the right replacements if you need them.

Make sure that you get mechanical inspections done on your trucks fleet regularly. Find a SAAQ (Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec) accredited truck center for these inspections. For your heavy truck maintenance, go to a certified truck center. For more information about the services we at Truckmasters Maintenance Center offer, feel free to call us at any one of our centers closest to you. The numbers are listed on our website.


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