Choose the best engine oil for petrol cars

Choose the best engine oil for petrol cars

Machines exhibit some traits that are quite similar to the human body. The engine is the heart of a machine and just like blood, engine oil acts a flowing lease of life for machines. Engine oil is important for the smooth functioning of a machine to a great extent. The best engine oil for petrol cars is determined by its efficiency and the extent to which it can prolong the life of a machine.

An engine comprises of a number of motor parts that move together and convert fuel energy to mechanical energy. In doing so, the motion of these parts creates friction which is not good as it can lead to wear and tear of these parts and affect the efficiency of the machine. This is where engine oil comes into play. Engine oil, which is made up of chemical substances derived from petroleum and non-petroleum products, is a viscous semi-solid or liquid substance that provides lubrication to the motor parts. It creates a slick film around these parts which prevents any sort of wear and tear.

Car engine oil, often known as car lubricant in layman’s terms, plays a number of roles in the proper functioning of your machine. The oily and flowing nature of engine oil helps in keeping the internal parts of the engine clean as it can remove dust and alien particles which reduces the risk of clogging. It also helps in keeping the temperature of the engine well below the flame temperature by absorbing the heat dissipated by the moving parts of the engine and hence acts as a cooling fluid as well. The oily nature of oil also helps prevent corrosion which increases the longevity and efficiency of your car. The best engine oil for petrol cars must have all these properties.

Engine oil for petrol cars differs from engine oil for diesel cars in some ways. The best engine oil for diesel cars has higher anti-wear (AW) load, greater viscosity and more additives per volume as compared to that for petrol cars. So, it might not be a great idea to use engine oil meant for diesel cars in petrol cars.

In conclusion, know that it is crucial to choose the right engine oil for your car. Keep changing your engine oil on a regular basis to make sure that your car stays in its best shape. Changing the oil and oil filters will make your engine act like its brand new.

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