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Car Dealer Scams That You Need to Know

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The idea of getting a new car is very exciting but shopping for the right one can be very overwhelming because you are afraid of making a mistake or being ripped your hard earned money. Many consumers have fallen to car dealer scams although most of these scams can be avoided. The good thing is that not every dealer is bad. The big challenge, however, is identifying a genuine car dealer. Here is a list of car dealer scams that you should avoid any time you think of getting your own new ride.

Fake Window Stickers

Most dealers who want to swindle you will include some confusing stickers on the windows so as to entice you to buy or lease a car at a higher price. For instance, you may find a sticker next to the official MSRP saying that the car comes with a special value package. They may look very official but they are all useless to you but a good way for your dealer to earn himself an extra profit. Do not be fooled, but be vigilant enough to identify the fake stickers. If you do some research, you will realize that they were added after the manufacturer delivered the car.

Hidden But Worthless Add-Ons

The dealer will give you some useless add-ons after buying or leasing a car to earn more money from that transaction. For instance, after buying the newest model of your favorite car, the dealer might try to sell you some products for fabric protection, undercoating, paint protection or VIN etching among others. Avoid them completely. If you want to lease a Lexus Brooklyn NY and the dealer tells you to pay for pin stripping or extended warranties know that the dealer is trying to scam you and thereby increase your monthly payments drastically. Extended warranties and insurance cover add-ons that a car buyer should buy but not a leaser. Others add-ons are very useless, and you should avoid them at all cost.

Hiding Car Flaws

If you are buying or leasing a new car, you must inspect the car thoroughly because some dealers can be very good at hiding scratches, dings and other flaws in the vehicle. If you think that a new car cannot have any defect, you are very mistaken because anything can happen during its transportation from manufacturer to the dealer. You might find yourself paying for damages as a leaser yet you are not the one who caused them.

Deposit Charges To Hold You Captive

If you are that person who recently desired a car that is unfortunately in low supply, you are more likely to fall into this scam. The dealer will ask for some deposit so that they can find the car for you but this is the same as holding you captive because you cannot move on to another dealer even if they take longer to deliver. However, if you trust the word of your dealer, make sure your deposit is fully refundable and put this in writing because you never know when people decide to change from good to bad.

Negotiating For The Wrong Car

Never negotiate for a car that you haven’t seen and confirmed it is what you want. Some people will negotiate with you for a different model from what you expected. Unless you can tell that it was an honest mistake by the salesperson, do not deal with such a dealer, but move on to the next seller.

Written by Verena A. Varner

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