Top 10 Advantages of Ceramic Coating

Top 10 Advantages of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is the product of a high-temperature heat treatment process that bonds to automotive paint, plastic, and metal surfaces. The result is an ultra-durable protective finish that resists fading, scratching, corrosion and yellowing. It won’t peel or crack like traditional car wax or sealants. Ceramic coatings are also water-resistant, non-sticky to the touch, and environmentally friendly.

Car owners are slowly learning that ceramic coatings are the ultimate paint protection available, increasingly investing in this relatively new technology. Window tinting Odessa FL offers a top-rated ceramic coating that lasts for years. You can get started yourself or hire one of our professional ceramic coating technicians to get the job done right.

Here are the top 10 advantages of upgrading your ride with a high-tech ceramic coating treatment:

1.   Ceramic Coating Prevents Paint Damage

The most apparent advantage of ceramic coating is that it prevents damage instead of correcting problems after they occur. Your car’s exterior will be completely protected against cracks, fading, minor scratches, and other types of paint damage. If you’ve ever had to deal with an unsightly scratch or chip repaired by a professional, you know how expensive the process can be.

2.   Ceramic Coating Will Not Peel or Crack Over Time

Because ceramic coatings are bonded to painted surfaces rather than sitting on top of them, they are less susceptible to peeling, cracking, and other types of paint failure. It’s unfortunate when your car’s wax job starts peeling in the middle of winter because snow and ice stick to the exposed paint! The same thing happens when you use traditional liquid waxes, which create an oil film on top of your paint.

Ceramic coating Tampa is baked into the surface of your vehicle’s body panels during treatment, creating a permanent bond. The coating can last for many years, while some liquid waxes will only keep your car looking good for a couple of months.

3.   Ceramic Coating Provides a Long-Term Protective Barrier

Most modern cars have many layers of deep paint, so standard waxing treatments do not provide much protection, to begin with. If you wax your car once a year, you do little more than provide temporary color protection. The only way to truly protect your car’s painted surfaces is with ceramic coating.

4.   Your Car’s Paint Will Be More Resistant to Wash Damage

Your car’s painted surfaces are likely marred after washing it. Chances are, you probably have unsightly white watermarks and scratches on your vehicle. This is caused by improper detailing techniques that remove layers of paint with each car wash! The friction created when using a wash mitt also causes swirling damage.

Ceramic coating Tampa is resistant to the damage caused by washing your car, so your paint will look better after every wash. Your vehicle will also be easier to clean!

5.   Cost-effective when Compared to Paint Correction

After proper paint correction detailing, your car’s finish will look flawless. There is no denying the beauty of a vehicle with a lustrous, scratch-free shine. Unfortunately, this requires hours of intensive work being performed by a trained professional. It also costs at least a couple hundred dollars per vehicle. If you have a fleet of cars, this can add up to a considerable expense.

Ceramic coating Tampa is a cost-effective alternative that provides similar results at a much lower price point. If you have multiple vehicles or are simply looking for the very best value in paint protection, the ceramic coating offers significant advantages over other types of detailing treatments.

6.   Ceramic Coating Protects Your Car’s Interior as Well

One of the most common problems with liquid waxes is that they leave a greasy, oily film on your car’s interior leather surfaces. Over time, this causes all types of problems that are almost impossible to fix without professional help. Even if you wipe excess wax from your seats, console, and other surfaces immediately after applying it, you will still see the results of waxing over time. Interior protection with ceramic coating is a must for keeping your car’s interior in pristine condition.

The ceramic coating protects leather surfaces as well as painted body panels. Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, there is no sticky residue to transfer dirt onto your vehicle’s interior. Plus, exterior dust falls off your car quickly rather than sticking to the wax residue.

7.   Ceramic Coating is Efficient and Time-Saving

The traditional car waxing process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring multiple steps. Suppose you choose to have your car professionally detailed. In that case, the Ceramic coating Tampa will be applied during this process, along with a series of other measures to produce the best results.

The ceramic coating treatment is efficient, though, because it can be applied over your vehicle’s entire exterior in just one step! You will leave with a brilliant shine that lasts for many years. The benefit is that you save both time and money by needing only one detailing treatment per year to maintain your vehicle’s appearance.

8.   Ceramic Coating Protects Your Paint for Up to 10 Years or Longer!

Many sealants and waxes will only protect your car’s paint for a couple of months at best, but the ceramic coating can last as long as ten years! This is because it completely seals and protects your vehicle’s painted surfaces with a thin, transparent layer of ceramic.

Traditional wax and sealant treatments do provide some protection, but it is minimal compared to the color-sealing powers of this innovative new treatment. The ceramic coating can make your vehicle more resistant to the damage caused by road salt, acid rain, bird droppings, bug splatters, and other environmental hazards. This means that the thin ceramic layer will last much longer than it would on an untreated car.

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