Some History and Myths of World’s Most Luxurious Cars

Some History and Myths of World’s Most Luxurious Cars

If you say limousine are only famous for the transportation from one place to another, then I am sorry my dear you are absolutely wrong, and if you think they are only used in wedding events then once again you are totally wrong, now what is right? From decades they are known are as the connection of luxury, comfort and entertainment and your travel from one point to another. One other Myth is that limousine is only for the elite class of the nation, its also wrong student hire those cars for prom nights and bachelor parties. Yes you are right event the president of the America used limousine car for a very long time. Companies in Canada like Mississauga limo services have some interesting limo packages, which are exactly matched with the budget of anyone.

If you go in the past then limousine was design according to their requirements, lot of lights and fully lushy and luxury sheets, now the world has been changed more advanced and more technical, everything are changed as per technology, similar to that limo cars are also going to changed with the time. For example now they have WIFI services in limousine, LED lights, glasses, properly designed for the birthday parties as well. Limousines are also coming in various sizes, which means you can easily select a limo as per your people need, first you can see the fleet section of companies on their website (if you are searching online), there you will get a maximum information. Depending upon on your event and your members you can easily decide which vehicle is best for you, for your business event or your birthday party.

First Limo Car

Do you have any idea how was the first limo build and how it was look like? Okay let’s imagine with a story, you watched a an action movie, in current era you will see lot of gadgets and heavy machinery, guns and lot of other staff but suddenly you start watching an other movie of 1970’s, what you see here, people use horses and camels to move from one place to another but richest people of that time have chauffeurs who drive them two apartments, those were made of gold plates as well, yes that was first ever limo.

The Very First Motor Vehicle

Now it’s time to think about the very first motor vehicle car, Yes it is looking very odd if you think about that in today’s time. In 18th century, yes you heard correct at that time auto companies were at it’s peak for the steam power vehicles and in the 19th century some more innovations comes and join the part for us. In 1928 the revolution was completely changed and stretch limo joins the party with a capacity of 3 to 5 passengers with a driver seat but it was used for the musicians mostly.

Modern Limousines

After the air-conditioning were first build in 1933 in the limousine, the manufacturers started building additional features for these luxurious vehicles. They have literally became the moving comfortable rooms, offices, even your party lounges all in one place. You can have all the luxury and comfort of your home and office in one simple vehicle known as limousine. The interior, luxury, lighting, music, air-conditioning and even a mini bar can make your commute possible a heaven.

Best Limousine Interior Designs

In 1933, first time the airconditioned was introduced in the limo cars, now people starts considering that vehicle as a the most luxury vehicle.

Below is the list of some modern limousines, which are best in their interior design and comfort.

  • Mercedes
  • Rolls Royce
  • Batman Black hummer limo
  • Lincoln limo
  • Limo party bus
  • Hummer limo

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