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How to Select a Fuel Card for Your Fleet


For fleet managers, cutting back on fuel costs is one of the most important aspects of the job. However, with the cost of gas always rising due to a largely unpredictable market, it can be hard to get ahead of surge pricing. That’s why a great option for fleet managers is to invest in a fleet fuel card that will allow your fleet consistent access to gas at reasonable prices all across the country. When it comes to huge savings, a fleet fuel card offers managers the greatest amount of control over their drivers’ individual spending and mileage, not to mention other unforeseen costs like off-road maintenance. If you’re managing a fleet, read on to learn more about choosing the best fleet fuel card for your team.


One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right fleet fuel card is location. Even if you and your fleet are based somewhere with access to plenty of great choices, you’ll want to make sure that your chosen company will really be there for you and your fleet on the road. Some companies only serve specific areas of the U.S., while others, while technically serving the entire country, will be more densely planted in specific areas. One great option is to look into Quarles fuel cards, which provide access all across the country and come in three different options for each fleet’s specialized needs. When it comes to finding a card that will provide consistent, quality service to every car in your fleet no matter where they happen to be traveling, this option leaves very little to be desired.


As a fleet manager, you’ve always got to keep your eye on the bottom line. No matter what unforeseen circumstances come up, you have to be prepared to find an instant, cost-effective solution for the whole fleet. This means that buying the cheapest or most seemingly cost-efficient fuel card doesn’t always equal savings in the long term. Many different companies will offer specific card options depending on a fleet’s needs. Be sure to really take the time to weigh and measure these options before making a decision.

Also, take into account that the listed price of gas is not always equal what you’ll end up paying for a card, so always be mindful of exactly what you’ll be paying for, and if there’s a more competitive deal somewhere else. Before making a decision, always talk with a manager or a person in charge to find out exactly how fuel is priced, what (if anything) fluctuating market values have to do with this pricing, and how you can get the best deal for your fleet. The whole point of a fuel card is to save money, so no amount of research is too thorough when it comes to finding the best, most cost-efficient card for your fleet.


Many fleet cards will offer you the option of linking their service to other information about each car and driver. Instead of sending you a statement each month, your fuel card will have the ability to send information about mileage, performance, and other factors that will come in handy while you’re figuring out how to cut back on long-term spending trends. New technology will allow you to keep close tabs on drivers that are spending more money on gas than their allotted budget, and even give you the option of creating a prepaid quota for certain cars or drivers.


As with every aspect of your fleet, you’ll want to make sure everyone is on the page in terms of gas usage and mileage. To keep things consistent, choose a card that will give you control over how drivers use your card. Some cards will allow points to be used for maintenance, and some will only allow a specific amount of gas per car. Make sure you get the card that gives you the most amount of control over every use of your account.

Be sure to also set strict guidelines and limits for your drivers through the use of their cards. If you’re using a card along with fleet integration software or GPS, you’ll have the greatest amount of control over your drivers’ actions, as well as an ability to keep track of their goals and performance. You’ll be able to keep tabs on gas spending and mileage, and you’ll also be able to see how they’re doing in real time. For a fleet manager that wants to be on top of his fleet’s performance at all times, there’s no better option.



Written by Verena A. Varner

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